The Importance Of Choosing An Assertive Divorce Lawyer

When your spouse has filed for a divorce, you may be blindsided and entirely caught off guard. You did not see it coming and were not prepared for the legal battle that you will soon face.

The idea of going through it alone can be galling, if not entirely frightening. You can gain an important legal ally by hiring an assertive divorce lawyer to represent you.

Gaining a Voice in the Case

During your marriage, you may have always taken a backseat to your spouse. You may have allowed them to make the majority of the decisions and acquiesced to whatever he or she wanted.

Your spouse may expect you to continue to act this way during your case, however. They may count on you not objecting to their legal actions and instead expect you to continue to acquiesce. 

However, when you hire an assertive divorce lawyer, you can gain a voice in the case that you otherwise may not have. Your attorney can make your arguments heard and ensure that you are treated fairly in the case. They can challenge your spouse and show that you are not going to accept anything less than to what you are lawfully entitled.

Splitting Marital Assets

Part of the assertion that your divorce lawyer can offer in your case involves ensuring that you get your fair share of the marital assets. Your spouse may expect to walk away from the case with the house, cars, real estate, and other valuables. They may expect you to demand nothing from them or be willing to accept any settlement that they offer. 

Your divorce lawyer, however, can petition the judge to make sure that get what you have rightfully coming to you. The court can listen to your attorney and can ensure that you get half of the value of the house and vehicles, as well as half of the money that you and your spouse have saved in your bank account and retirement savings. 

Finally, your divorce lawyer can petition for you to win custody and support of your children. Your attorney can argue for why the children would fare best with you rather than your spouse.

Your divorce lawyer can provide assertive services. They can be your voice and argue for what you are legally and fully entitled to. Contact a divorce lawyer in your area to start putting together your divorce case.