What Happens If You Have Multiple DUIs?

For many people, one DUI can be a challenge to contend with. When it comes to facing a third or fourth DUI charge, you may find yourself facing even more significant challenges.

So, what do you need to know if you are charged with more than one DUI? Here's what you need to know.

Multiple DUI Charges Are Serious

Often, a third, fourth, or subsequent DUI is considered a felony. It does not matter if your first DUI was 40 years ago in some parts of the country. Your DUI is taken just as seriously by the courts, and you need to protect yourself.

Because you have multiple DUI convictions, the courts may also take into account a possible substance abuse disorder. This means that you may face a variety of different consequences to address these issues.

The Penalties Reflect the Crime's Severity

The penalties will be adjusted by a variety of factors. For instance, you may face higher penalties for a higher BAC. You could face higher penalties if you injured somebody. The judge considers all of these factors.

One of the most common punishments is prison time. You may face over a decade in prison after multiple DUIs, even if nobody was hurt. Fines can also be tacked on, and they can be on top of administrative fees, ignition interlock costs, and more. You may even lose your license.

Other penalties include ignition interlock devices, DWI classes, community service, and even rehabilitation. These punishments can make it very difficult to get to work and support your family. All of this makes life difficult.

DUI Attorneys Can Help

When you have multiple DUIs, you are facing more serious consequences than when you have just one conviction. The courts will see you as a more serious threat to the safety of others on the road, which is why you should work with an attorney.

Your attorney can help provide evidence that you were not driving drunk or they will challenge the evidence that you were. The goal is to ensure that the jury has reasonable doubt as to whether you were driving drunk.

Consult With a DUI Lawyer

When you have a DUI lawyer on your side, you can confront these charges with more confidence. Your attorney will help you fight back against unfair allegations or have charges reduced when possible. To learn more about DUI law, consult with a DUI lawyer near you.