Why Hire A Family Lawyer When Arranging For Child Support

When you're setting out to receive child support during your divorce or child custody case, it's important that you hire a family law lawyer to assist you. In general, a child support award amount is determined by a few factors, including the income of both parents, how many children are involved in the case, and other factors. While you can allow a judge to determine child support award amounts for you based on your state's guidelines, it's important to allow a family law specialist to intervene and represent you. Here are a few reasons why.

There may be issues with the potential awarded amount

Are you concerned about your children receiving child support that is fair to them according to their normal way of living before you and their other parent separated? For example, do you have child care expenses or educational expenses that an existing child support order or a proposed one wouldn't help to pay? Will you have to make extreme modifications in the way you raise your children with the potential awarded amount?

Since there are certain ways that each state draws up child support award amounts based on certain fixed factors, you'll have to prove why a higher child support amount is best for everyone involved. Your family law specialist will help you do this.

There may be other income you have to dispute

Does the other parent have additional income outside their job that you feel should be included in the child support order? Income can be rental or other income, and the more you can prove the other parent makes, the more money you can potentially get for your children. Keep in mind that if you also have additional income, your family law specialist will ensure this gets included in the child support order so a modification doesn't become an issue later.

There may be child support problems in the future

Child support modification may be needed in the future, and you want to ensure you have a lawyer by your side if this type of situation happens to you. Your lawyer will assist you in filing or fighting a child support modification should one arise, and can act as a professional mediator to assist you in making the most out of your child support case.

Write down any concerns you have about child support so your family law specialist can assist you. You can get the child support that is most fair to everyone when you allow your family lawyer to intervene and watch over your case.

For more information, contact a family law firm in your area.