3 Things To Expect During A Child Custody Battle

Are you preparing to enter a child custody battle with your children's other parent? If so, you should understand that child custody fights are not easy. Most parents find that child custody cases are extremely difficult, as they involve two parents fighting for their children. As you begin your case, it might be helpful to know what to expect. Here are three things you should expect as you start your case.

1. The Case Will Take Time

It is hard to say how long your case will take, but you can expect it to take some time. Child custody cases do not reach settlements overnight. If you and the other parent felt the same way about child custody, you would not be in a battle. If you are in a battle, you both want custody rights, and neither is willing to concede. Therefore, a child custody case will typically involve both parents hiring lawyers. The lawyers work with their clients to reach an agreement. If they cannot do this, the court decides the case, which is why these cases take time.

2. It Will Cost a Significant Amount of Money

The second thing to expect is to pay a significant amount of money. Again, these cases can be difficult, challenging, and long. As a result, your case might be relatively expensive. It isn't easy to estimate the precise amount you must pay, as it will depend on many factors, including the time it takes to settle the matters.

3. The Other Parent Will Expose Your Past and Present

The other thing you can expect is exposure. A child custody battle typically involves two parents fighting over their children. To improve their chances of winning, each parent will usually try to expose the dark sides of the other parent. The other parent might talk about things you did many years ago to try to prove that you are not fit as a parent. If you have anything in your present or past, it might be revealed during this time. You should expect this to occur, as it normally does in child custody battles.

These are three things that occur in most child custody cases. If you are interested in hiring a lawyer to assist you in your case, contact a law firm today. Hiring a child custody lawyer is essential with every child custody case, so find a good lawyer for help.