Can You Have A Divorce That Is Conflict Free?

Many people think that it is natural to fight with their spouse during a divorce. However, it doesn't have to be that way. It is possible to go through a divorce with it being conflict-free if you follow these tips.

Don't Go In With A Mindset To Win

The reason that many divorces have a lot of conflict is because each person has the mindset that they want to win and for their spouse to lose. Unfortunately, there is not a winner and loser in a divorce. If you go into the divorce with that mindset, then both people will end up having conflicts over resolutions and lead to the divorce going to trial. This means that both people will end up not getting what they want out of the divorce. 

State Your Reasons For Your Positions

Many people state what they want out of a divorce but are not clear on their reasons for wanting it. For example, if one person wants to keep the house, they could have either good or bad intentions in doing so. If their reasoning is because they want to keep their kids in the same school district or have their kids live close to their friends and relatives, then that is a better reason than simply wanting the house to have it. 

Learn How To Compromise

You need to realize that you are not going to get everything you want out of a divorce. Things should be fair for both you and your spouse if you want the divorce to be conflict-free. However, it can be hard getting to that point where you make a compromise. This is often due to each side fighting with each other and wanting to hurt one another.

Always remember to be courteous and treat your spouse with dignity during the proceedings, even though you are getting divorced. This will make it easier to make compromises and come to an agreement that is relatively conflict-free. It is much easier to ask for something to make a compromise when you treat each other with respect. 

Keep The Children's Needs In Mind

If you have children in your marriage, it is important to make decisions with your children in mind. Always remember that if you are doing something to hurt your spouse, it is ultimately hurting the parent of your child. Decisions made during a divorce can have long-lasting effects, which often stem from people asking for more than what they deserve because they feel hurt. Know that you will still have your spouse in your life due to your kids, and make decisions that are based on maintaining a healthy relationship after the divorce. 

Reach out to a family law attorney to learn more.