Drowning In A Sea Of Debt? Why Chapter 7 Is The Life Raft You've Been Searching For

It doesn't take much for financial woes to creep in. An unexpected medical emergency can leave you holding a huge hospital bill and mass layoffs could take away your ability to financially support yourself. The debts quickly start to pile up and once they reach a certain point you may start to think there is no way you'll ever be able to see your way clear. However, there is a solution that could be well within your reach: Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When your debts have become unmanageable, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the key to helping you find your monetary footing once again.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lets You Start Fresh

Everyone loves a clean slate. A clear, unblemished canvas allows you to draw on it whatever you like. Maybe you had a gorgeous slate before but didn't quite know how to create a beautiful picture on it. Now that you know so much more, it's time to start all over again.

Think of Chapter 7 bankruptcy as that canvas. Filing for bankruptcy dissolves your debt and gives you the opportunity to begin again from scratch. You will no longer have that stressful load hanging over your head, constantly reminding you of bills that you just can't afford. During the process, you'll likely undergo financial training which can enlighten you about how to build the kind of credit that you can be proud of.

Stop The Harassing Phone Calls

Harassing phone calls from creditors have a way of really ruining your day. Just seeing the slew of numbers popping up on the caller ID is enough to make you jump into bed and pull the blankets over your head. You don't have the money to pay and no amount of negotiating will stop your debtors from ringing the line.

You can put a swift end to those unpleasant calls by filing for bankruptcy. The moment you submit your filing the lawyer sends out an automatic stay letter to your creditors. The collections calls will cease and this gives you time to breathe, regroup, and decide how you are going to proceed.

Bankruptcy is a type of financial protection that was enacted to assist people who are going through an especially difficult financial time in their lives. Filing for bankruptcy doesn't spell the end; it actually signals a new beginning. Contact a bankruptcy attorney and let them help you on the road back to financial health.